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Danny Wright

Remember Danny physically, financially, and spiritually all week long.

Special Requests

  • The Clark family in the tragic loss of MaKayla
  • Sister Thacker / very sore from a fall and sees ortho doctor Monday
  • Tasbah Lavery's family in the loss of her dad, Dale Sherman
  • Sister Mitchell/physically
  • Jody Burket and Ralph Fugate going through cancer treatments
  • Karen Tyler's mother, Neoma Gibson/serious physical need
  • The country of Bolivia during this time of serious political unrest
  • The awful wildfires in California

On-Going Needs

  • Online listeners' unspoken requests
  • The Cup of Joy Ministry
  • Trish Consley Jimmy Keirstead
  • Sharon and Shirley Catron
  • Sister Mitchell's brother James
  • Andy and Becky Mitchell
  • Joanna & Roque Brown & Family
  • Maylea Lynn Bille Church
  • Alan Podruchny / pain issues
  • Sharon Stroud / pain issues
  • Sister Thacker's brother Larry / cancer
  • Jon & Carol Wolf & son, Jonathan
  • Those who are care-givers to our sick
  • Austin & Grayden (Vangie M's request)
  • Esther Survance's brother Jack
  • Mason James
  • Katherine Crouch (Alice L.'s mother)
  • Ron Richardson's daughter
  • Misty Dodrill Danielle Bowers
  • John Whitaker
  • Gideon Ministries
  • Ft. Myers Rescue Mission
  • Needs from Sunday night prayer time
  • John Wesley Tinney
  • The 2020 Elections

Our Shut-Ins

  • Arvilla Thompson
  • JB Griffin Sr.
  • Lois Lavery
  • Brenda Enlow
  • Benny and Vivian Leonard

Other Needs

  • Our pastoral staff and their families
  • Our Junior Church and Bus Ministry leaders
  • Our ICHA leaders
  • Our nation, its leaders, & world situations
  • Our military men & women
  • Our services and those who are involved
  • Each one of our church family
  • Unsaved loved ones of our church family
  • Our foreign & home missionaries