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Wesleyan Church

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Family Of The Week

Paul & Sandy Miles & Gaynell Boardman

Remember them physically, financially, and spiritually.

Special Requests

  • Keith Seese is in the hospital in California with infection throughout body
  • Jenna (Dewhurst) Wilson & her 4 children in the loss of her husband in tragic car accident
  • Benny Leonard wants to move back to local nursing home
  • Kelsey Robbins (Black Family) has a serious test on Oct. 27th
  • Tattianna Dishman's upcoming surgery in November

On-Going Needs

  • Our Nation and its leaders
  • Esther Lyon & The Cup of Joy Ministry
  • Kathy Matthews' sister, Johnna
  • Austin & Grayden (Vangie M's request)
  • Esther Survance's father & brother
  • Paul Ray Breece's daughter, Lauren
  • Joni, Dianna Evans' sister
  • Rudy Tilley/heart
  • Baby Henry
  • Kelsey Robbins
  • Lizzi Burke/CF
  • Sis. Tyler
  • Lavery Family/loss of Baby
  • Peggy Young/Lupus
  • Gideon Ministries
  • Fred & Betty Holland
  • Marje Chamberlain/Lung cancer
  • Shawna Russell/Stage 4 colon cancer
  • Katherine Crouch (Alice L.'s mother)
  • Ron Richardson's daughter
  • Misty Dodrill
  • Danielle Bowers
  • Larry Thomas/cancer
  • Rev. Leroy Collins/kidney disease
  • Debra Montgomery/loss of vision
  • Danny Wright/during therapy
  • Needs from Sunday night prayer time

Our Shut-Ins

  • Arvilla Thompson
  • Fred & Betty Holland
  • Margret Stafford
  • Doris Black
  • Brenda Enlow

Other Needs

  • Our pastoral staff and their families
  • Our Junior Church leaders
  • Our ICHA leaders
  • Our nation, its leaders, & world situations
  • Our military men & women
  • Our services and those who are involved
  • Each one of our church family
  • Unsaved loved ones of our church family
  • Our foreign & home missionaries