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Today, December 14th
CBWC Christmas Sunday
AM-Children's Program
PM-Christmas Cantata

December 17th
Plainfield Christian School
Christmas Program at CBWC
"The Case of the Missing Christmas"

December 23rd
Prayer Meeting Night
for Christmas Week

Calvary Bible Wesleyan Church
Matt. 1:25: "And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son; and he called His name JESUS."
Everyone has their favorite Christmas story character. This Fall, I purchased a flat full of old nativity characters and animals. There were several camels, donkeys, sheep, various angels, shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. While looking for something else this week, I found the nativity box again, and examined them more closely. They are all from the 1940's and are priced 10 cents each. This year, I really began to focus on Joseph, the husband of Mary, and earthly father of Jesus. What a man! He so selflessly stepped in to be protector and earthly father to Jesus. After the angelic appearance in his dream, he becomes "guilty" in the eyes of everyone, when Mary is with child before their wedding. He was willing to take on this guilt, when he was innocent. To the townsfolk, he was just a man who couldn't wait until after his wedding. He takes Mary with him to Bethlehem, knowing full well the possibility she would give birth on the trip. He later takes Mary and Jesus on the long trek to Egypt. He is an unsung hero of Christmas.                 Rm

The Pastor's Corner. . .

        Rev. Rollin Mitchell
Ways to be a Blessing!
Buy a beautiful 2015 Calendar for $7 each from the staff or students of PCS for yourself and for Christmas gifts and help support our school in the process.
See Makayla Northern to have your picture taken for $10. She is also willing to clean or babysit for the same amount. She is raising money for Drivers Ed. Thank you!
Give an extra offering to ICHA Missions, Victory Inner-city Ministries, Keith & Tasbah Lavery Family, New Destiny Treatment Center or an individual who is going through a rough spot during this Christmas Season.
Pray for your pastor & wife, the CBWC Family, and the church board.
Pray for, call, and send cards to the shut-ins and those who used to come to our church. This is a worthy ministry!
Please continue to bring in your Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels, and Coke Codes for Plainfield Christian School.