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The Pastor's Corner - Rev. Rollin Mitchell

Rev. Rollin Mitchell

Matt. 14:31: "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"

These are the words of Jesus when Peter began to sink, after he had asked to walk toward Jesus on the water. He was doing fine walking on the water— doing the impossible. It was a miracle! But the scene changes when he saw the boisterous winds. He began to sink when fear took over. His fears overcame the word of Jesus. Jesus had said, "come," and when he obeyed, he walked on the water. When his fears took over, he began to sink.

When our fears take us over, we too begin to sink. Fear is one of satan's greatest tools. Jesus points to Peter's low faith level as the catalyst of his doubt. Doubt is a product of low faith. Check your faith level. The more faith, the less doubt. Jesus said so.

- Rollin Mitchell

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Matt. 14:3: "...be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid."

These are the words of Jesus to His disciples when He walked to them on the water. The feeding of the 5,000 has just happened. They are all weary from the big day. They may have hoped for much needed rest on their way across the Sea of Galilee, but instead, they are tossed by contrary winds. How often, we, too, are pounded by contrary winds in our lives. We hope for a restful day but are met with all sorts of troubles that drain us further. But, in the midst of the wind storm, Jesus comes their direction. They are afraid, and He knew it. His first words bring to them assurance and comfort. “Be of good cheer.” He has come to cheer them. In the midst of their storm tossed life, He has come their way to bring cheer. Then He says, "it is I." He reveals Himself to them. He had the insight long before they knew it was Him. Then He says, "Be not afraid." He has arrived to allay their fears.

What a wonderful comfort His words are to us today. He knows where we are, He is aware of the storm. He is there to cheer us and calm us from our fears.

- Rollin Mitchell

Psalm 149:4: "For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: ...."

It humbles us to know, that the God of the universe, the creator of All the beauty and glory of the earth should find pleasure in His people. All of us have had moments when we’ve run for the camera—when the children were so cute, when they had built a snowman, were dressed for Easter Sunday, when they were feeding a calf with a bottle, taking a nap with their dog, then later when they receive their diploma, when they head off to college, at their wedding, or in a spray of flowers. These were all moments to capture, and the photos help them last a lifetime. We have other moments when no camera was available, no written record made, just a moment that is for the heart, to be treasured and kept forever—the first hug from a baby, a warm hand slipping into yours, a conversation overheard, or a scene caught completely by surprise and not rehearsed. All these are times that we feel connected, we feel love, we feel a part of something that makes us smile, and that brings us joy. Even years later, we smile, we remember—a tear comes to our eyes.

Could it be that God has these moments in our lives as well? Could it be that the God of the universe takes pleasure in some thing we do or say, or in an act of kindness, or a shout of praise? Yes, I think this verse proves it can and does happen.

- Rollin Mitchell

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