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The Pastor's Corner - Rev. Rollin Mitchell

The Pastor's Corner - 02.19.2017

Rev. Rollin Mitchell

James 4:8 "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you..."

Getting closer to God; now that is something we should all be interested in. How do we get closer to God? We must be interested in the things He is interested in, and all the while shun the things that He would shun. We should spend more time with Him, and get to know Him better and more personally. Read His word and find out what He is all about. Do the things he would like.

The list goes on. but the promise is, if we draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to us! To be best friends with the God of Heaven... Wow! If the Bible says it, we believe it. So then let us strive to be close with God, and He will be close with us.

- Rollin Mitchell

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The Pastor's Corner - 02.12.2017

Psalm 112:7 " He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD "

When bad news comes, it is like a storm of wind and rain upon the soul. The good news is, when the soul's house is well built, upon a rock the soul rests in peace, dry and well on the inside while the storm rages. Life is filled with heavy tidings almost daily. We are inundated with scary news every day.

Many things make us uneasy and rock our world; but the promise of this scripture is so true... Our heart is fixed, stationary, unmoved, firm; because we are trusting in the LORD. In days gone by, there were so many things that we could put our trust in.

That list has grown shorter and shorter. As we grow in grace, we realize our trust is in the LORD. When we are in Him, the storms of bad news blow across. We stay warm and dry in his divine care.

- Rollin Mitchell

The Pastor's Corner - 02.05.2017

James 2:1 "... Abraham ... Was called the friend of God."

In this verse, we see something that is truly remarkable, and beautiful to think upon. Friendship is a marvelous thing in itself. Friendships are to many an uncommon thing. In a world filled with millions of people, there are many that have no one that they can say is a real friend . Certainly they have many acquaintances, but no one that they can share their heart with, or call a bosom buddy. Many go through life with no one they can call friend. Someone to call, someone to go with, someone to share with, someone to turn to in sorrow or disappointment.

In this verse, we find an incredible statement. Abraham and God are friends! The God of the universe and Abraham are close. They share, they love, they enjoy one another's company and fellowship. All of us have had friendships that drifted apart. Something took place, something happened. Maybe a long distance move, a moving on of sorts, by one party or another...the list goes on. To be the friend of God! What a thought! That is one friendship that is worth pursuing.

- Rollin Mitchell

The Pastor's Corner - 01.29.2017

Philemon 1:7b "...The saints are refreshed by thee, brother."

This is a verse that reminds us that it is possible for our lives to refresh others we come into contact with. Since it is possible to refresh, then it is also possible to depress, or wither others as well. Paul spends a few verses commending Philemon as fellow laborer, dearly beloved, and goes on to say he has heard of his love and faith toward the Lord, and all the saints. Wow! This fellow is awarded accolades by Paul. We note also he has a church in his house, which was common at that time, but certainly notable. The main thing that we note about this man Philemon is his ability to refresh the saints.

In what ways do you think he did it? How is it that we refresh the saints? So many things come to mind. A warm smile will often encourage a sad or disappointed person. A handshake or friendly hug will assure someone you care. A card in the mail, a short text message, a small gift, a heartfelt testimony, a shout, a praise, a message, a song, a poem can refresh - and the list goes on and on.

- Rollin Mitchell