My Friends!

While I am thinking and writing my last article as pastor of Calvary Bible Wesleyan Church, I have a heavy heart. Serving as your pastor has been my life and joy these past years. I do believe this is God's Will for me at this time. These last 25 years have been an educational experience, and a lifetime of Joy. It is difficult for me to say good-bye, because it sounds so final. We will see each other but not in the same capacity as we have in the past 25 years. But, I want everyone who reads this article to know that I truly love and appreciate everyone. My heart's desire for you is that you will serve God with all your heart and soul, and live exactly the way the Lord wants you to live. I have tried to pray for all of you every day and ask God to bless you and make you a blessing.  After the service ends tonight and the tears are wiped away, we will get in our van and head home to start a new phase of ministry. The past 40 plus years, I have had a church to call my own, but not now. Melody, and I will always have a soft place in our hearts for Calvary Bible Wesleyan Church. We have made lot of memories, and our children and grandchildren will always be grateful for your kindness and love.

 Now, may the Love of Christ dwell with you, and His face shine upon you, and may He always grant to you the desires of your heart spiritually.

Blessings on you and yours!

With all our love,
Marc Dodrill

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Rev. Marc Dodrill, Senior Pastor
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