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Upcoming Events
January 28th @ 6:30 PM
Looking Forward Campaign
Dinner at the Plainfield Nazarene Fellowship Hall on Vestal Road
The catered meal is free and all are
encouraged to come to this exciting
fundraising event, to spread the word, and to bring others with you!

February 11th
Holiness Pilgrim Missions
Service with Steve Gibson
(Your ICHA missions offering can be
 given at any time in February and marked accordingly. Thank you!)
February 16th
Women of Worth
at Beech Grove
Teacups and Lace
by Lori Whitaker

February 17th
Area IHC service here at CBWC
This will take the place of our Wed.
 night Prayer Meeting this week!

February 24-26
ICHA Preacher/Lay
here at CBWC!

Calvary Bible Wesleyan Church
In Nehemiah 2:20, we hear the answer of Nehemiah to his critics, Sanballat and Tobiah. Verse 19 says, "They laughed us to scorn, and despised us, and said, 'What is this thing that ye do?'" Nehemiah replies, "The God of heaven, He will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build."

Now, we are not building a wall, and as far as I know, we have no Sanballats or Tobiahs in our church, but I do love the answer of Nehemiah. It is full of resolve and promise. I believe the God of Heaven will prosper us here at Calvary church. And with that hope and faith, we will arise and build! The excitement is building!

This Wednesday night, we will host our Capital dinner at the Nazarene fellowship hall on Vestal Road here in Plainfield. If you haven't signed the guest list, it's never too late to come! There will be a place for you. I trust everyone has already been praying about what you can give. We need people who can give in the next 30 days. Then, we will have the three year option. What can you give across the next three years? We hope to walk away from the dinner Wednesday night with the answer. . .Paid in Full! Don't miss this exciting presentation! A great night is planned. As Daniel Cantlebarry, Sr. would say, "Are you excited yet?"       Rm

Below is just a preliminary drawing of the new canopy and steeple. Be sure to come to the Looking Forward Campaign Dinner on January 28th to see the full scale color drawings for all of the additions and renovations! Each of us can be a vital part of this new phase!

Please note. . .we have tried to faithfully send out an SOS via text when someone in the church family or closely associated with our church family is in need of urgent prayer. If you want to receive these texts, please be sure that Bro. Mitchell or Sis. Montgomery has your current cell number. Also, if you have an urgent need in your family, please send the info to either 317-498-9659 or 317-902-6383 so that we can get the prayer chain started. Prayer is our life-line!

The Pastor's Corner. . .

        Rev. Rollin Mitchell