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Upcoming Events
February is Home
Missions Month!
Pray especially for our Home
Missions churches & pastors
and give as God prompts you!

February 10-15
Greenfield Indoor Camp
Calvary Church by CFC
Rev. Adam Buckler
The Mike Mayhle Family

February 11th
Holiness Pilgrim Missions
Service with Steve Gibson
(Your ICHA missions offering can
be given at any time in February
and marked accordingly. Thank you!)
February 16th
Women of Worth
at Beech Grove
Teacups and Lace
by Lori Whitaker

February 17th
Area IHC service here at CBWC
This will take the place of our Wed. night Prayer Meeting this week!

February 24-26
ICHA Preacher/Lay Convention
here at CBWC!

Calvary Bible Wesleyan Church
Prov. 3:9: Honor the Lord with thy substance. . .

Last Wednesday night, that is what happened. We were so sorry we had to miss the banquet, and the exciting pledging for the church remodel and drive up addition. Our hearts were with you, and we sent our pledge ahead to join with you! We are a blessed people! About $127,000 was given/pledged. We still need about $73,000 to complete the project. If you were not able to attend, or you did not yet state your giving. . .it's not too late. The brochures with the pledge tear off are available to everyone, and we encourage you to hand it to Sister Armour, or seal it in an envelope, and mark it on the outside  "confidential building pledge," and no one but the treasurer will need know what you have pledged, if that is your desire. We are very excited about all that is to come, and very soon the work will begin. We are waiting for the plans to have State approval. This should happen before March first.

Meanwhile. . .business as usual in the House of the Lord!          Rm

Please note. . .we have tried to faithfully send out an SOS via text when someone in the church family or closely associated with our church family is in need of urgent prayer. If you want to receive these texts, please be sure that Bro. Mitchell or Sis. Montgomery has your current cell number. Also, if you have an urgent need in your family, please send the info to either 317-498-9659 or 317-902-6383 so that we can get the prayer chain started. Prayer is our life-line!

The Pastor's Corner. . .

        Rev. Rollin Mitchell