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The Pastor's Corner - Rev. Rollin Mitchell

The Pastor's Corner - 11.27.2016

Rev. Rollin Mitchell

Isaiah the prophet has seen something. He has looked through the telescope of time and has seen things no one would believe. The promised Messiah, the long awaited One, the Deliverer of Israel is coming. He will not come as a mighty warrior, wearing shield and sword. He will not come as an earthly king. He will not be a servant or priest offering sacrifices in the temple. He will not be born in a palace. All of this Isaiah knows. He said "who hath believed our report?" He will be born to a lowly virgin. Unthinkable! Unbelievable! Yet it will come to pass. Yes, He would come. Isaiah saw it and believed. What a revelation! What hope! What amazing things he saw! And they all came to pass. Every one.

As we enter this Advent season, let us reflect on the miracle of the virgin birth. It has not lost any of its amazement! It is fresh, and true.

- Rollin Mitchell

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The Pastor's Corner - 11.20.2016

Psalm 95:2 "Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving..."

In this verse, we are reminded that thanksgiving is not just a once a year attitude. He wants us to be ever mindful of all the wonderful things He has done. There is nothing worse than a spoiled child, who is un-thankful, going about never recognizing special gifts and nice things done for them.

God also needs to know your heart, and your gratefulness for all He has done for you and yours. Are we guilty of blowing off all the bounty God has bestowed freely upon us? The pilgrims had it right when they took a special day to rejoice and thank God for his blessings. Let us not allow the day to go by without praising God for all he has done.

Sometimes holy days develop into holidays. Let us not be guilty.

- Rollin Mitchell

The Pastor's Corner - 11.13.2016

Matthew 6:28 "..... Consider the lilies of the field..."

In this verse, and those that follow it, Jesus gives us a valuable lesson. If Heaven has time for a common flower, to make it beautiful by properbalance of sunshine and rain, how much more so His chosen saints. The lilies mentioned here are seen in Israel, and they aren't like the ones that grace our pulpits on Easter Sunday. They are a small round hugging flower that grows wild on the hills - a most common plant. Yet they crown the valleys and hills with beauty. The lesson here is...If God has time for a small insignificant flower, how much more will He watch out over you and provide your needs as well.

Consider the lilies...and, then you will know.

- Rollin Mitchell