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The Pastor's Corner - Rev. Rollin Mitchell

Rev. Rollin Mitchell

Romans 8:12a. . ."Therefore, brethren, we are debtors......."

When we begin to think of everyone we are in debt to for the wonderful things we now enjoy, and often take for granted, we are overwhelmed as people begin to march across our memory. Those who gave their lives so that we may have the printed word; those old saints of bygone days who gave us our hymnals, and a host of spiritual books; those who taught our Sunday School classes; the blessed people who testified and shouted the victory across the years, and created an atmosphere of glory and blessing; the faithful ones who taught V.B.S.; those dear prayer warriors who held our feet to the fire; the faithful ministers who preached their way into our hearts; the faithful examples of true Christianity, who set before us a Godly example to follow; the sacrificial saints, who paid for and built the churches we now enjoy; those who raised the camp tabernacles we worship in every summer.... the list goes on and on. We are in debt up to our eyeballs. Someone is now depending on us to create the same atmosphere—and that by example and prayer. We have a big job on our hands, but God can give us the help we need to make it happen.

- Rollin Mitchell

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Psalm 62:5b "....My expectation is from him."

Sometimes, our expectations are much higher in something, and when we receive it, there is a terrible disappointment and let down feeling. We had hoped for so much more, and it was not forthcoming. Then at other times, we had hoped for little, because it seemed the source was small and the outcome would be disappointing, but when it came about, it was a huge surprise, because our expectations had been small to begin with.

Life is full of disappointments and let downs. The advertising world—the products of men are so false sometimes. People, also, let us down at times— they fail to meet our hopes and expectations. But here, the Psalmist declares he is willing to wait for God, because he has higher expectations from Him. He has a track record that proves He delivers and delivers well.

- Rollin Mitchell

Psalm 86:7—"In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me."

In this verse, we have the negative and the positive. This is a very personal verse. "My trouble" makes it thus. Whether this trouble is of my making or not, it's mine. Perhaps I have made the trouble myself. Many times we end up in the pit of our own making. At other times, the trouble which ends up on our doorstep has been made by other hands, yet we are now the owner of the trouble, and what do we do now?

The psalmist gives us the answer. Who do we call? We call upon the Lord. Why? He will answer. While some lines ring busy, while we get the voice mail of others, when we call upon the Lord, He will answer. Do you have trouble? Call the line that answers

- Rollin Mitchell

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